At The Critter Cradle, we understand how difficult and stressful it can be to find a kennel that you trust and your dog loves. That’s why we have catered our services to make both humans and canines comfortable.

With our clean and spacious facility, trained and knowledgeable staff, and love for all dogs, you can rest easy knowing your fur baby is in good hands.

If you are still nervous about leaving your dog with us, please give us a call. We will answer all your questions and make you feel 100% comfortable with all of our services.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Our Mission

To provide safe indoor and outdoor play areas, spacious rooms, and lots of personal attention for your critter while you are at work or away on vacation.

Our Groomers

Our groomers are specially trained to groom all dog breeds. They go above and beyond to make your dog not only smell and look good but to feel good too. Your groomer will educate you on how frequent your dog’s breed should be groomed and what kind of treatment will work best. We invite you to meet our groomers so you know who will be taking care of your dog.

Meet the Trainers

Our trainers are highly-skilled and have great success with the training method we have created. Whatever concerns you have with your dog, our trainers will recommend the best course of action to deliver the best results.

Treat Your Pup To Some TLC

Contact us today to get your dog scheduled for their first visit.