Release and Hold Harmless Agreement

I understand and assume the possible risks inherent to all dog related activities involving my pet(s) while he or she is/they are staying with The Critter Cradle and any of its services. I further understand that this Release and Hold Harmless Agreement has no time limitation and will remain in full force and effect as long as my pet(s) participate(s) in either daycare, boarding, training, or grooming at The Critter Cradle.

I do hereby agree to hold harmless and indemnify Human Owners Amber Cecil and Samantha Shelton, individually and as principals of Kentucky K-9’s Unleashed, LLC DBA: The Critter Cradle as well as Property Owners: Todd Greenwell and Angie Greenwell; any and all persons who might assist in the care of my pet(s) or from any claim for damages and/or injuries to my pet(s) and property. The “Release and Hold Harmless Agreement” is included for all Staff, Groomers, and Trainers as well.

I further release them for any liability or responsibility for any accidents, injuries, or illnesses to any pet(s) owned by me while said pet(s) is/are at The Critter Cradle.

In the event that my pet(s) become(s) ill or in need of medical attention, I give The Critter Cradle permission to administer aid and/or to use professional veterinarian services. Any expenses incurred shall be paid by me, the owner of the pet, in addition to the fees incurred for services provided by The Critter Cradle.

Abandonment Policy: Three attempts will be made to reach the owner after their pickup date is missed. Unless arrangements are made, after the 3rd day of boarding and no contact by the owner, on the 4th day, the pet will be considered surrendered.

The Critter Cradle has the right to deny service to any customer/owner.

Pet’s arriving with fleas or ticks will be given a Staff bath at the expense of the customer/owner of the pet.

In the event that your dogs exhibit’s signs of aggression, engages in overly rough play, or experiences severe anxiety, we will relocate them to a carefully designed indoor/outdoor kennel. This measure is implemented to prioritize both your dog’s safety and the well-being of our staff. Please note that the reservation cost will be adjusted accordingly to accommodate this arrangement.

Should you desire to have your dogs share a kennel while requiring separate feeding arrangements, a nominal daily charge of $10 will apply.


Client Waiver Form

*This page must be signed and dated before any dog(s) can visit*

I, _(Client)_, am aware that The Critter Cradle requires all dogs to have up-to-date Rabies, DHLPP, and Bordetella vaccines at least five days before any boarding or daycare drop offs and that The Critter Cradle requires proof of said vaccines prior to the drop off date. I understand that, just like how humans can get the flu after receiving a flu shot, my dog(s) still have a small chance of catching an illness even with up-to-date vaccinations. If my dog(s) were to contract an illness while they are being boarded or attending daycare, I understand that The Critter Cradle is not to be held responsible. I am aware that boarding can be a stressful event for many dogs and that any bedding/toys/personal items left for my dog(s) may be damaged by my dog(s). All damaged items will be immediately removed from the kennel and discarded. If my dogs’ bedding/toys/personal items become damaged during their stay at The Critter Cradle, I understand that The Critter Cradle is not to be held responsible.

I understand that if I bring my dog(s) to board at The Critter Cradle and they have any medications, I will leave detailed instructions so the staff members can properly administer said medications during my pets’ stay. If I fail to leave sufficient instructions, I understand that I will be contacted by The Critter Cradle so proper medication administration can occur. I am also aware that The Critter Cradle will care for my pet(s) to the best of their abilities if any of my pet(s) have any of the following conditions: currently in heat/pregnant/nursing, stitches/sutures, casts, cones, splints, staples, bandaging, and/or any major medical conditions in which my pet(s) may or may not have medication(s) for (heart failure, seizures, tick born disease(s), etc.). I understand that The Critter Cradle is not to be held responsible for any issues that may arise regarding these previously mentioned medical conditions (including but not limited to: sutures opening, pregnant dog giving birth at the facility, seizures occurring despite proper medicating, etc.). If these issues do arise, The Critter Cradle will notify me immediately and will take my pet(s) to a licensed veterinarian for immediate medical attention at the expense of me, the owner of the pet(s).

Deposits, Cancellations and Early Pickup

Peak seasons are as follows; Spring break, June 1st – August 1st, Fall break, Thanksgiving week, Christmas week.

A 50% deposit is required to create a reservation during peak season. This deposit is refundable if the reservation is cancelled at least 7 days prior to the drop off day. Cancellations 4-6 days prior will result in your deposit transferring into a credit on your account to be used within the next 365 days. Any cancellations 3 days or less will be nonrefundable, as this does not give us enough time to fill the spot reserved for you. Please text your cancellations to the same number you received your confirmation text from.

Full payment of boarding reservations is due at the time of drop off, all year round. Clients are still welcome to add on extra services during their stay and the remaining balance can be paid at pick up. There will be no refunds for early pick-up.