Your Dog’s Home Away From Home

When you are a dog owner, there are only a few things more stressful than trying to find a good dog boarding facility.

By choosing The Critter Cradle, you will eliminate that stress.

We offer 3 types of kennels, multiple times of outdoor play and plenty of pets and scratches.

We want to become your dog’s home away from home.

“I would have given Critter Cradle 10 STARS if I could. We have never had a bad experience with them and the employees, and owners, are very nice, but at the same time professional and focused on their jobs. I would refer anyone to this EXCELLENT kennel.”

– Logan Jennings, Bardstown, KY

Types of Kennels



4′ x 7′ Inside



4′ x 7′ Inside
4′ x 7′ Outside



6′ x 7′ with
TV & Privacy Panels

Second Dog in the Same Kennel is Only $15!

What Your Pup Gets
  • Private Kennel: Each dog gets their own kennel unless owner requests dogs from the same household share a kennel.

  • Frequent Outdoor Play Time: The dogs are let outside for playtime one kennel at a time for 10-15 minutes six times a day.

  • Separate Play Fields: We have 4 separate yards so multiple dogs can be out at the same time but still have their own separate play area.

  • Supervised Playtime: A member of our staff is outside with your dog at all times to monitor and play with them.

  • Bedding Provided: If requested, blankets and bedding can be provided to make your pup feel more at home.

  • Medication Administered: Should your dog need medication, our staff is trained to administer all types of medication. Simply provide this information at the time of booking.

  • Nail Trim: A staff member will trim and shape your dog’s nails = $12

  • Bath: A staff member will give your dog a basic bath.

    • Weigh under 35lbs = $15
    • Weight over 36lbs = $25

For an additional cost, you can add on extra fun services during their stay with us.

  • Office Buddy: For 1 hour, your dog stays in the office with our staff for tons of cuddles and attention = $10

  • Hike N Pup: 30 minute hike on a nearby nature trail followed up with a pup cup of whipped cream or vanilla ice cream = $25

Who Loves Our Boarding?

Well every dog and human of course!

But in reality, not all dogs can handle being in a strange place for several days or even several hours, so the boarding care should be carefully selected.

Some dogs will get so stressed or anxious that they will refuse to eat or drink causing a health concern.

Whatever your reason for needing to board your pup, be sure they can tolerate it. If you are unsure, it might be best to schedule a doggie day care session before reserving a long term boarding stay.

Our dog boarding services in Bardstown, KY are a great option for the following situations:

1. Vacation: If you and your family decide to take that long overdue beach vacation, you will need someone to look after your dog. Having your neighbor look after them is an option, but they are not able to monitor them 24/7 in case something unexpected happens.

When you board with us, your dog gets around the clock care and attention.

2. Medical Emergency: You or someone in your family could be experiencing a medical emergency and need someone to tend to your dog while you are in the hospital or at home healing. Boarding your pet might be the best option.

3. Entertaining Guests: We would like to think everyone loves dogs, but that’s not always the case. If you are hosting a large party, it might be wise to board your dog. Large crowds may make your dog scared and act out. This way, you don’t have to keep them locked in a spare room and your guests don’t have a curious dog trying to steal their food.

4. Moving: Moving to a new home is stressful for everyone involved. By boarding your dog, they are safe from the movers hauling heavy furniture around. During this time, they may also get nervous and attempt to run away while the door being constantly opened.

Why Choose The Critter Cradle

We know you have options when it comes to trusting a dog boarding facility and we thank you for giving us a chance.

24/7 Monitoring: Our staff monitors the well-being and status of every dog in our care during the day. At night, cameras and alarms are utilized. All of their needs will be met and should an emergency come up, we will act accordingly and quickly to ensure the safety of your pup.

More Frequent Breaks: Many facilities only let their dogs out 2-3 times a day. Not us. Our dog boarding facility in Bardstown, KY promises a minimum of 6 outdoor potty/play breaks everyday. This allows your dog to get more exercise and relieve themselves more reguarly.

Photo Updates: During your dog’s stay with us, you will receive photos a few times each day as a wellness check. This way you know your dog is okay and hopefully won’t miss them as much!

Dogs Love Us, Humans Trust Us

Whenever you find yourself needing someone to watch your fur baby while you are away, you can trust The Critter Cradle in Bardstown, KY.

We will love your dog as if it was our own.

To schedule your first dog boarding stay with us, simply give us your information and we will take care of the rest.

Treat Your Pup To Some TLC

Contact us today to get your dog scheduled for their first visit.