Give Your Dog a Spa Day

Just as us humans need to go to the hair salon every once in a while, so do dogs.

Grooming is a great way to make your pup smell fresh, get rid of shedding undercoat, and trim sharp nails.

We offer several dog grooming services at Critter Cradle in Bardstown, KY perfect for any breed.

Get your dog looking like a million bucks today!

“Grooming was very good, and they did exactly what I asked. Fast friendly service and my little fuzzy kid loves them too!”

– Diana Thomas, Bardstown, KY

Our Grooming Starting Prices

Small Dogs


  • Hair Cut = $40

  • Deshedding = $35

  • Bath & Brush = $20

Medium Dogs


  • Hair Cut = $50

  • Deshedding = $45

  • Bath & Brush = $30

Large Dogs


  • Hair Cut = $65

  • Deshedding = $50

  • Bath & Brush = $40

Xlarge Dogs


  • Hair Cut = $95

  • Deshedding = $60

  • Bath & Brush = $50


All Sizes

  • Per Dog = $12

What Your Pup Gets
  • Hair Cut: The groomer will discuss the type of cut you are wanting for your dog. Once both parties have agreed to the final decision, your pup’s spa day will begin.

    First, they will receive a bath in either an oatmeal or hypoallergenic shampoo (both smell SOOO good!). Should your pet need medicated shampoo, please bring that to the appointment.

    The bath is then followed up with a blow dry.

    Next up is the actual hair cut. This will either be a standard breed cut or whatever you have discussed with your groomer.

    The last part of the appointment is a nail trim and shaping.

  • Deshedding: First up is a good scrub down in the tub to help loosen up excess hair and undercoat. We will use either an oatmeal, hypoallergenic, or owner-provided medicated shampoo.

    Your dog will then be dried with a high-pressured dryer with a special nozzle to really get all the hair out.

    Last up is a good brushing to polish the final look.

  • Bath & Brush: This is your standard dog bath. Your dog will get lathered up with either an oatmeal, hypoallergenic, or owner-provided medicated shampoo.

    This will be followed by a blow dry and thorough brush out to polish the look.

  • Self-Bath: Dog owners can have a timeslot to use our grooming room to give your dog a much needed bath.

    You will have access to our tubs, staff shampoos and staff conditioners only – not our dryers, nail trimmers or dremels.

    We ask you call at least 30 minutes ahead of time to check availability.

Additional Grooming Services

For an additional cost, you can add on extra services during their grooming appointment.

  • Nail Cut = $12

  • Nail File & Shaping = $3

  • Anal Glands = $7

Why Choose The Critter Cradle

We know you have options when it comes to trusting a dog groomer and we thank you for giving us a chance.

Trained Groomers: Our dog groomers are trained and licensed groomers. They can groom any breed and will do so according to the owner’s preferences. Our groomers will work with you to create a regular grooming schedule for the benefit of your dog.

Multiple Services Offered: Some dog grooming services only offer cuts and baths. Our grooming services go far beyond the typical bath and cut to make your dog not only smell good but feel good too.

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It’s Bath Time!

Dogs love to run and play outside and that comes with getting good and dirty.

Our professional dog grooming services in Bardstown, KY will give your dog the care and attention they deserve.

To schedule your first grooming service with us, please contact us today!

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